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The Time of Jacob's Trouble

 The Time of Jacob's Trouble

March 30, 2024

Jeremiah 30:7
“Alas! For that day is great, so that none is like it: it is even the time of Jacob’s trouble; but he shall be saved out of it”

The prophet Jeremiah, in this verse is prophesizing of a future time of extreme distress for Israel, (Jacob, whose name God changed into Israel, the Father of the 12 Tribes which settled the land previously known as Canaan)

In truth, Jews, have never had it easy throughout their history, from day one. So, when we speak of a particularly distressing time, one has a large
basket to draw from. For many, the Shoa represents the ultimate evil possible on earth, but there is a worse time coming for the Jewish people, which will surpass that tragic historical period and which may be well on the way. The signs are all there to see and consider. And this is my reasoning why:

I have seen the tide of anti-Semitism grow constantly in the last 20 years
if not longer than that, but no one was paying attention, in primis the Jewish people themselves. the positive good-will for a people coming out from the hell-on-earth of the Shoa, was not destined to last. Soon, the old historical hate against the Jews became to surface and take hold of varius individuals and nations to the point that today, almost no nation on earth will take Israel's defense on its latest problem, the war against Hamas. And this includes the United States of America, probably the last power on earth who was a friend of Israel. But (bad) politics and false pragmatism are driving an edge between the USA and its historical Middle East partner that Israel ha been in the course of time.

Once again, the USA is proving itself not an affordable friend. So Israel has to deal with being alone and surrounded by enemies that want her destruction from the face of the earth.
 And while this period will be testing to the utmost, there is Someone Who keeps vigil upon the earth, and specifically on the so-called, "Promised Land".

The Promised Land, indeed. Israel will never be dispossessed of its "Promised Land", and Faithful is He Who promised.

I know, I know what most of the world will say, (there is no God, the Bible is not true, Jesus never existed, the Jews want to control the world etc.).
But those who know that God exists and that He is totally reliable and True, know also that despite the present evil time there is a glorious future for Israel, for God will see that they get their full inheritance and nobody can change or stop that. 
It is written

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